A digital alternative to meet your REACH compliance needs:

UL REACHAcross™ offers the best of both worlds: the objective computational approach of a QSAR combined with the proven robustness and acceptability of a read-across system.

Taking the complexity out of REACH compliance

Meet the REACH 2018 registration deadline with automated, accurate, affordable and accepted QSAR.


The software tool that solves your most common compliance challenges

REACHAcross™ is validated according to the OECD Validation Principles with sensitivities of 80% across 8 endpoints hazard categories, including:

Acute Dermal Irritation
Acute Dermal Toxicity
Skin Sensitization
Acute Aquatic Toxicity

Acute Eye Irritation
Acute Oral Toxicity
Chronic Aquatic Toxicity


Using artificial intelligence  and machine learning to advance  science and meet your compliance needs


Interested in learning more about REACHAcross™ from our experts? Listen to this overview on the tool and how it can help your REACH compliance efforts:


Are you looking for a rapid and accurate approach to meet your REACH compliance needs?

This ground-breaking digital tool offers the best of both worlds: automated computational QSAR using one of the largest chemical toxicology databases available, combined with the reliability of read across. REACHAcross™ works by building large networks of chemicals based on properties such as molecular structure and health endpoint interactions.

Using advanced machine-learning techniques, it predicts 8 required endpoints for REACH submissions. Users can produce Toxicology Assessment Reports for 6 key human health endpoints, including skin sensitization, acute dermal irritation, acute eye irritation, acute oral toxicity, acute dermal toxicity, mutagenicity and 2 key ecotoxicity endpoints of acute aquatic toxicity and chronic aquatic toxicity.

REACHAcross™: Advanced Automation for QSAR

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How UL puts artificial intelligence to work for you

REACHAcross™ is a highly advanced artificial intelligence tool  that provides a digital alternative to animal testing and offers  a new, accurate and rapid way to comply with REACH.

REACHAcross™: Smarter QSAR through Automation

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Learn How REACHAcross™ Can Help You


Whether you work for a manufacturer, are a consulting toxicologist, filing independently or through a Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF), REACHAcross™ can help you produce REACH dossier compliant toxicology reports with speed and precision. REACHAcross™ is a highly advanced artificial intelligence tool that saves you time and money by replacing the need for costly animal testing and the expense of hiring additional expert support. Unlike conventional read-across, REACHAcross™ provides a predictive accuracy for 6 required human health endpoints and 2 ecotoxicity end points. Use UL REACHAcross™ to produce your REACH compliant Toxicology Assessment Reports , or use to supplement your conventional read-across arguments to provide additional weight of evidence at minimal cost.

Product Stewards and Regulatory Compliance Professionals

REACHAcross™ enables product stewards/regulatory professionals to fill 8 required REACH endpoints with the use of a digital tool so you can assemble and submit dossiers for REACH compliance, including a prediction of the required GHS Classification and Category. If your company lacks internal toxicology resources, this tool can help you rapidly determine and cost-effectively generate data, thereby minimizing the amount of external consulting costs.

REACH Consultants

Optimize your turnaround times and client satisfaction with REACHAcross™, a highly advanced artificial intelligence tool that enables you to manage more chemicals with higher confidence and consistency of results. In addition to increasing through-put and capacity, the tool is validated to OECD Principles and calculates uncertainty probability for producing a hazard, increasing your level of confidence. Use REACHAcross™ to give your clients fast access to REACH complaint Toxicology Assessment Report s , while reducing your outsourcing and animal testing costs.


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